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The Winchester-Nabu Detective Agency Year One: Case File No. 09-09

AMBER LOVE 10-JULY-2017 My work is supported by the generous backers who tolerate my cat stories at and they also get first access to what’s happening with my books and podcast.

Where we left off:

Detective Inspector Guster Nabu and his partner at the detective agency, Professor Oliver Winchester, are borderline obsessed about the baby finches. Gus has also enjoyed many adventures through Bunny Hollow and Garter Snake Ridge.

The Sleepless Detective


Ollie and Gus

Detective Inspector Guster Nabu and Professor Oliver Winchester continued their daily stakeouts and close inspections of the finch babies. It’s gotten them so intrigued that it’s nearly impossible to simply enjoy moments on the balcony relaxing because Gus will not stop fidgeting, whining, and planning how to jump onto the railing (he wouldn’t even be able to reach the snapdragon basket of babies from there anyway). I would not appreciate a repeat of what happened the time he did try

Gus by garage


garage door

Gus is also comfortable leading the way through Bunny Hollow now. He even stopped to go through the inside of the Grumpy Old Man’s workshop before heading back to the woods.

For all his interest in the local fauna like the finches, snakes, and bunnies, Gus managed to miss a stealthy fox that scurried across his path. I wasn’t there. Cat Daddy spotted it on one of his adventures with Gus. Gus did find a box turtle like the one that was shown to him before. It was resting comfortably in a bush so I let him smell it, but said we must not disturb it. Shockingly, he obeyed.

What Gus would really love to do is venture through all the backyards, but he’s not allowed. He has to stick to his own estate and the neighboring acres. He gets pretty annoyed when I don’t let him lead us up the whole mountain to visit the old people or see what else is up there.

Cat Daddy bought the boys their first laser toy. Oliver has no interest at all; if he can’t hold it and smell it, what’s the point? Gus, however, is addicted. It’s worse than meth or crack or heroin. He wouldn’t let me sleep. When Jackson Galaxy, famous behaviorist, tells people to play with their cats before bedtime so they will sleep, he has not met Gus. He needs to meet Gus. The boy would not stop with his Dot addiction. He learned that Dot comes when there’s a small click on a remote; because of that, he tried stealing the Roku control. Gus will slow down, even lay down to watch Dot. That doesn’t mean he’s done or ready for a break. No, sir. I’ve put the Dot away and the detective goes into whiny mode begging for more time to chase and inspect Dot. It’s certainly possible that this Dot is part of something larger – maybe alien technology and it’s a message.

Gus meme

Between the adventures outside, the obsessions with the babies and Dot, this human is tired and not getting enough sleep.


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