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Our First Comic Book!

part of a comic book page showing illustrated Gus and Oliver running inside the office

The Winchester-Nabu Detective Agency:

The Case of the Roughed-Up Rodent

Buy Gus and Oliver’s first comic book:

The Winchester-Nabu Detective Agency cats, Oliver and Gus, investigate a near-fatal attack on a shrew, but they make a huge mistake! Can the cats and their human companions keep the unpopular shrew safe from the Chipmunk Mafia?

You can buy the digital version of The Winchester-Nabu Detective Agency and the Case of the Roughed-Up Rodent through Amazon and Gumroad. Print copies are currently available only through directly purchasing them from me at comic conventions or comic/book shop appearances.

comic book cover

In this 22-page one-shot, private detectives Oliver Winchester and Guster Nabu investigate an attack on Shrewise Peete, a local critter. The humans, Amber and Joe, take Ollie and Gus out to the neighborhood where they can talk to informants and friends to gather information about this crime. They question a chipmunk, a squirrel, a blue jay, and the fairies in the garden. Why would this little shrew have any enemies?

The Winchester-Nabu team discovers that they made a big mistake! Can they fix it in time for the shrew to regain her health?

comic book panel of Oliver and Gus play fighting

Meet the Team:

I’m Amber Love, a writer from New Jersey. I’ve been published in projects with Northwest Press, Red Stylo Media, Shelly Bond, and Steve Bryant’s Athena Voltaire: Pulp Tales. She also writes mystery novels when possible. Now entering the seventh year, I write up the weekly case files of Oliver and Gus from their adventures outside in nature and inside a haunted Colonial house.

Margaret Blane drew and colored the art. She who lets her art speak for itself. Instagram @w_f_blane.

Haley Rose-Lyon did all the lettering and page designs. She is a middle-school drama award winner, writer of things, editor of stuff, dog-mom, human-wife, and impassioned comics letterer. She’s lettered for Image Comics, Legendary Comics, Dead Reckoning, and a slew of lovely small-press publishers.

Ismael Franco designed the Winchester-Nabu Detective Agency logo. He has also created some special pages for this project that I hope will be unlocked!

I’m more than happy to talk about it on your podcast. I’ll gladly send book bloggers and podcasters digital review copies. Drop me an email at amberlovescomics at gmail.

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