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Winchester-Nabu Detective Agency Year Seven: Case File No. 52-364

parody of extreme breaking news title card; two mice in silhouette; "WitSec"; a black circle with paw prints; "You deserve to know"; "What happened to the suspect in Case File No. 52-364?"

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Where We Left Off:

The Winchester-Nabu Detective Agency can check off an important box in our cataloging of the Great Horned Owls around the estate.

Devil’s Reign:

I cannot believe that I committed to documenting weekly activity here with Oliver Winchester and Guster Nabu and all the critters for seven solid years! Next week begins Year Eight! As the final case of Year Seven, Gus managed to hit a homerun. This adventurous patrol took place during the most perfect date of the year.

top: Beauty pageant host, "Describe your perfect date." bottom: contestant, "I'd have to say April 25th because it's not too hot and not too cold. All you need is a light jacket."

Oliver had been outside in his buggy for a while and when he was ready to home, he pawed the front screen. Since Gus was behaving himself, I felt it was okay to leave him and drive Ollie back home. The Grumpy Old Man was in the yard bustling around doing Old Man things. As soon as Ollie was inside, The Cook came out to get some fresh air too.

By this point, I was back at the upper parking area near the mobile command unit to keep my eyes peeled for crow and chipmunk activities. The Cook asked Gus was. I turned and saw him happily sniffing around the grass.

“He’s right there.” I pointed for her. She always worries—not without valid reason because Gus loves to go trespassing.

“What do you have?” She couldn’t have been talking to me. I had my usual: my camera and camera bag; my parasol; the can of birdseed and peanuts. The Cook was talking to Gus. Hmmm, what did he have?

The Cook reached him first and said he had something. She made the pitch of her voice higher (we always do that when we praise animals, why?). As I got closer, I saw something small jumping up from the grass. I took a couple photos then heard The Grumpy Old Man ask Gus what he had.

“What do you have? Bring it over here.” he said.

And Gus did.

He carried his suspect over to me and the Old Man.

You can—and seriously should—take five minutes to watch the news reel I worked extremely hard on.

We learned that the tiny rodent’s name was Mice Murdock aka Mike, a member of the Chipmunk Mafia despite not being a chipmunk. This little mouse was born on the same day as the chipmunk who goes by the last name of Murdock as well. Their coincidental birthdate ended up being a way for them to bond and become lifelong friends. Their stories took two opposing paths, however.

Mike easily slid into a role of squatting, trespassing, and thievery with Chipcent Donofrio’s borgata. His best friend was not always on the right side of the law, but Murdock would never consider being part of the Kingpin’s operation.

As you see in the video you definitely watched, Gus and Mike tired each other out (or bored each other, hard to tell) and I was able to put on gloves, walk Mike to a remote and undisclosed location, give him a strict talking to about never returning, and released him into his own recognizance (ROR as they say).

Case Findings:

Gus did his job skillfully and according the Standard Operating Procedures agreed upon between The Grumpy Old Man and the bargaining agreement with The Human Biographer which stipulates that Gus should always capture trespassers who are unwanted, especially inside buildings and vehicles; if at all possible, keep them alive for release.

Case Status: Closed

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