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Winchester-Nabu Detective Agency Year Three: Case File No. 52-156

Winchester-Nabu Detective Agency Year Three: Case File No. 52-156

AMBER LOVE 11-MAY-2020 Find out how all this began. Catch up on Year One and previous Year Two cases at the Winchester-Nabu Detective Agency. This is the LAST CASE of YEAR THREE still because we started cataloging our criminal investigations in the spring. Thank you for all your financial and social support! Oliver and Gus are looking forward to bringing you more fascinating discoveries.

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Where We Left Off:

Gus faced off against an intruder who may have evil intentions.

Walk Softly, Stranger:

We had pretty typical weather for April never knowing if it would rain any minute. It made planning our patrols more complicated, but Gus and I managed to get out on a regular basis. Oliver spent a little less time on the balcony than previously, but when he’s out there, he takes longer to observe the surroundings than Gus. Plus he gets in a few good long naps on what would seem like an uncomfortable painting tarp.

The critters are coming out more frequently. Hibernation is officially over. The only critters I haven’t noticed are bats. We haven’t been doing much in terms of evening observations. Down on the ground, the chipmunks have slowly made some appearances. The peanuts are disappearing and I don’t think it’s only the action of the blue jays and squirrels.

Gus watching for chipmunks

Chipmunk mafia leader, Cheeks Moretti has been spotted a few times. Gus and I also got the chance to feed Sgt. Burrows at his bunker. The surprising interaction we had was on April 23rd. There are plenty of holes around the yard. So many holes. The Grumpy Old Man is taking action regarding the raised tunnels making speed bumps through the grass. The cats and I don’t support The Grumpy Old Man’s motivation of ridding the yard of moles (and presumably voles and mice). He put something in the ground that supposedly poisons those rodents, but is safe for other animals. We don’t like it, but it’s his land. We get to live here.

collage of Gus hunting

There are holes all around Gnome Grove too. I wasn’t surprised when Gus found a deep hole at this small pile of rocks. I’ve used those rocks as a peanut feeding station before since it’s the area where Tami Sneakers and Ada Holestein had frequented. Gus approached the hole and both of us saw the blur of a chipmunk dive from the rocks down the hole. The dried leaves on the ground actually looked like they closed as a secret door. It didn’t fool Gus though.

The cat detective analyzed the scene and decided to approach from our left. He circled around to the edge of the rocks which were close to the road’s border. Gus looked like a dragon slinking up the rocks and around to the highest one so he could peer directly down to the chipmunk burrow entrance. I knew he would try snatching the bushy-tailed rodent, but I hoped this would be one of his unsuccessful hunting expeditions. Gus was determined.

He got off the rock and shoved his face into the hole. He reached in with his hand and must have pulled the critter higher towards the entrance. He shoved his face back through the doorway and came out with his suspect. This part was captured on video. Gus took the chipmunk back home and wanted me to open the door so he could bring it to The Cook.

I was sure The Cook would find the chipmunk adorable, but not something for inside no less something she would murder and prepare as a meal. I’m not actually sure that’s what Gus wanted. He may have simply wanted to deliver the perp as a prize for her.

It seems to be that Gus didn’t intend to kill his prey. He held it in his jaws with a loose enough grip that he didn’t hurt it and his growls were soft without any sense of forceful anger. At the back door, I squatted down and easily took the chipmunk from Gus’ jaws. The critter squirmed and naturally wanted to be released immediately. I kind of knew it wasn’t a bright idea, but I let the chipmunk go on the back porch. It darted behind a window screen that’s leaning against the house. Gus followed and the chipmunk hopped around into the patch of ground covering plants next to Oliver’s window. Gus pounced into the greenery and came out with the chipmunk once again in his jaws.

This time he didn’t go to the back door. He still seemed to be in a happy and friendly mood not wanting to harm the critter. He trotted towards the large maple tree. Again, his growls were not intimidating. I was able to reel him to a stop and gently take the chipmunk in my hand. I was able to snuggle her close. She didn’t want to be held of course, but I needed to move her back to her burrow and away from Gus.

On our journey, I was able to get some information for our case files and make sure she wasn’t hurt. Her name is Pipi Lansbury. She’s a healthy weight and occasionally willing to mate with someone in the chipmunk mafia. I didn’t get a name which mate she prefers.

The walk to other side of Gnome Grove was short. Gus and I gathered at the entrance. I lowered Pipi towards the hole and she slipped down into her burrow safely away from Gus. I ran back to get peanuts and delivered them right to Pipi’s door.

One of the nicknames for chipmunks is “timber tigers” because of their stripes. It seems like a dating app named Timber may be something to develop so that Pipi doesn’t have to have to mate with a made-monk if she doesn’t want to. Pipi may have safer ambitions. After all, Joey Bag O’Peanuts ended up presumed dead but in witness protection.

Case Findings:

Tami Sneakers and Ada Holestein have a new gal pal named Pipi Lansbury. Truthfully, we’re not sure if they’re pals. Pipi may not part of the chipmunk mafia, but as far as the mating pool goes, she’s willing to work with what’s available. From what we can tell so far, Pipi is worthy of keeping our eyes on, but she hasn’t tried to exploit any of the critters yet.

Case Status: Open

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