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Winchester-Nabu Detective Agency Year Eight: Case File No. 09-373

bunny rabbit lying in the grass after eating clover was interupted.

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Where We Left Off:

We opened a case file about one of the rabbit creatures that has a distinctive physical trait. We had to determine if it was genetic or an injury.

The Three Amigos:

Presenting a dossier on the three most frequently seen rabbit creatures at the Winchester-Nabu estate. A little bit of this will be recapping the previous case.

Gus Ollie by Jeremy Fuscaldo cartoon comic logo

Identification Methods

  • Ear notches – see previous case file
  • Other physical traits and markings
  • Photographic comparisons

It was shocking that Gus and I didn’t see a bunny in person until nearly the end of April. Fortunately, having a second trail camera has given us much more information. Rabbits are around all year including winter. Occasionally, I can identify their tracks in the snow. This second trail camera does have a gap in sightings captured. There was November 2023 and then January 2024 with no images on December. It doesn’t mean the bunnies were not here, only that they didn’t trigger any of the cameras.

trail camera image of 2 rabbits in the grass; one is the bunny with the long split in the ear, Bibbo Bibbowski

Although the trailcam images and videos are useful for general information, they are not typically as clear as I need to see subtle details like ear notches and small markings. I can tell the difference in stray cats based on their sizes, shapes, and coat patterns even in the night time photos; but, they’re more distinct than other animals like opossums, raccoons, and rabbits. I took many (mostly terrible) photos of the creatures. When possible, I zoomed in for more ear notch and fur marking comparisons.

Rabbit Creature #1 – J. Neville Hare

On April 26, 2024, Gus and I finally spotted our first bunny creature of the year in the wild. It was hiding behind the Big Rock and under the jungle of bushes—one of our main snack bar areas for leaving bird seed and peanuts for the critters. This bunny looked young and did not have any noticeable ear notches.

The lack of ear notches could have been due to its age or it could be that it won’t have any notches. The fur patterns are the same basic coloring of other cottontails of this region.

Gus and I spotted this bunny again on June 10th on the Bunny Hollow Trail close to where it had been the first time we saw it. I’ve zoomed in on the photo and adjusted the warmth for a better comparison (accounting for the shifts in sunlight and time of day).

collage of 3 images
top horizontal image of 2 blurry bunnies; bottom left 2 bunnies in the grass with text "bunnies very far away"; bottom right - one of the bunny rabbits in the grass (J. Neville Hare)


  • Born: early 2024
  • Likes: Maud! They’re best friends!
  • Dislikes: anyone getting too close; Gus; surprising noises
  • Traits: no noticeable ear notches or forehead

Rabbit Creature #2 – Maud Hare

After studying all the photographs that I personally took, I believe this bunny creature was first sighted in person on May 28th. When zooming in on the photo showing her right side, there is the beginning of a “V” shape notch in the tip of her right ear. It’s like the top half of a heart and it’s even white which reminds me of a white-tip reef shark.


As the weeks went by, Maud’s ear notch has grown into a deeper “V” at the top of the right ear and it has also curled. If you look up American Curl Cats, that’s a breed which has been proliferated to get the genetic mutation of (admittedly very cute) curly ears; same for the “opposite” style ears of the Scottish Fold Cats (also adorable).

At the end of June, I was fortunate that Maud Hare allowed me and Gus to follow her around the yard so I could take an absolute ton of photos. She returned again on the evening of July 2nd and finished her work devouring the dill plants I paid for. I don’t know if that means she would also love dill pickles, but they are delicous.

This rabbit creature is the one previously noted as having a unique ability to cloak herself. Whether it’s cloaking, phase-shifting, or invisibility, we’re not sure yet. Is this a new kind of a wolpertinger or a completely different species of maging?


  • Born: early 2024
  • Likes: dill weed
  • Dislikes: anyone getting too close; Gus; foxes
  • Traits: right ear “V” shape tip; special ability to disappear, be camoflauged, or invisible
  • May actually be a maging that’s not a wolpertinger but something we haven’t come across before

Rabbit Creature #3 – Bibbo Bibbowski

"This is the rabbit that has looks [sic] like it's been through hell." close up of Split Ear Bunny rabbit with right ear notch and long vertical split (arrow pointing to it); patchy fur (arrow pointing to that); eastern cottontail; wolpertinger

From Case File No. 08-273:

The earliest record we have of the rabbit, Bibbo Bibbowski with the distinguishing Split Ear was May 5th (Cinco de Mayo!). As stated with the other critter briefs, we can only guess that this fuzzy fellow was part of the trio that got captured on the trailcam on March 16th at 03:30 in the morning.

Gus was able to see this rabbit creature in person from a distance. Oliver and I studied the photographs. At first, it looked like this bunny was missing half of an ear. Along with the patchy fur, we wondered if it had been in some kind of terrible assault. Then we noticed all of them went through patchy fur phases.


  • Born: unknown
  • Likes: clover and all kinds of grassy greens
  • Dislikes: being under surveillance
  • Traits: long split vertically in right ear

You can read about Bibbo in the previous case where he gets all the attention!

Old & New Friends

By a chance of luck, while Gus and I were in the driveway, we saw a large bunny creature across the street! It made us worried for its safety being so close to this terrible traffic. We’ll see if we can learn about this rabbit.

During one of our evening shifts where Gus gets to be the Bat-Cat observing from the roof and the balcony, we spotted our old friend Silver Blaze. We think Silver Blaze may be Maud’s mother.

Case Findings

This case doesn’t present one specific mystery to solve. It’s important to show how complicated our adventures become. Being private detectives for people, pets, wildlife, cryptids, and supernatural entities we need to keep extensive files. We have some large organization charts, especially for the Chipmunk Mafia and The Blue Jay Gang. There are way too many Grackles to document all of them. When it comes to the rabbit creatures whether Eastern Cottontails or Wolpertingers, everyone (except maybe Gus) here wants to make sure they have a safe environment.

Case Status: Open



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