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Winchester-Nabu Detective Agency Year Seven: Case File No. 44-356

crow in tree

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Where We Left Off:

Thanks to some keen observations and new technology, we were able to catch almost every visit by a bobcat on trailcam2 and made the reports to the state.


We’re in the last week of the Celtic Tree Month of Ash (when this posts). Soon it will be Alder and the celebration of Ostara, the Spring Equinox. It’ll also be Gus’ Adoptiversary on March 17th! If you have to honor a saint, let it be Gertrude of Nivelles instead of Patrick. She’s the saint of cats which according to a Catholic website wasn’t true until it popped up in 1982 out of nowhere; paintings of her show rats because of the plague and inferences were made that she would have a lot of cats around to combat that. Gus would much prefer readers to celebrate him. That’s for next time.

Gus had a meeting of sorts with the representation of The Morrígan that now resides in Gnome Grove. I had to figure out if there was anything they needed me to do. With the Equinox rapidly approaching—because time means nothing anymore—I’ve been considering getting the gnomes and fairies back to their posts in the grove before Beltane (May Day).

Around the time of this meeting between Gus and the Goddess, we’ve had two ravens and I’d guess four crows who passed over the Winchester-Nabu estate. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to tell the difference, but people were not kidding when they’ve said their sounds are completely different; if you get to see them up close their bills are another clue. Both are exceptionally intelligent birds who can speak and solve puzzles.

Today, we’ll look into what was so important that Gus needed to consult with The Morrígan. In case you didn’t know (I didn’t until today) there’s a pilgrimage to meet The Morrigan and a sacred site in Ireland called The Cave of Cats, Oweynagat. Now, as much as I would love to get another passport because mine lapsed, and then get veterinary clearance, traveling with Gus is not easy. He has a one-mile limit in the car before puking. I would absolutely love to have him in the Irish or Wales countryside exploring. I’ve lived vicariously through other people’s Instagram accounts.

Other blackbirds like European Starlings and Common Grackles have been migrating:

Side note: I have no idea how to properly pronounce most Irish words. They have the same alphabet for the most, but with some accents here and there; yet, their letters do not sound like American letters.

While Gus and Oliver napped, I headed to a valuable YouTube channel and blog of Lora O’Brien, Irish author and scholar. I went down one rabbit hole to another and discovered a band named Murder Ballads. First it was their epic hymn, Battle Raven; but then, I found their bandcamp playlist and they have some nerdy treasures like The Ballad of Captain America’s Disapproving Face. All of this was done to see if The Morrigan had a message for us that I needed to know about or if it was a private message for Gus.


Gus told me to check out my oracle decks (tarot) to understand the messages between him and the great warrior goddess. I had a video of him trying to open that cabinet, but alas, I cannot find it. Two of the decks felt important for this exchange and both are from artist MJ Cullinane. I have several of her decks and it takes a huge amount of restraint not to buy all of them. Back in 2019, I interviewed MJ for the podcast.

From the Urban Crow Oracle, I had Gus select one card. Number 47 Survival.

So as to not infringe on MJ’s copyright, I’ll paraphrase what this card means:

Analyze your situation and see if you are trapped in a fight-flight-freeze-attachment response. In a trauma response, we can get tunnel vision and only see one way out when in fact, there may be multiple solutions. Any of the choices made will have consequences and/or reactions that you must be prepared to face as well as that initial threat.

From The Raven’s Dream Tarot, we pulled three cards. Page of Wands, Three of Swords, and the Wheel of Fortune.

The Page of Wands is, perhaps, the true card of #AdventureCats around the world. The raven’s dream is that a juvenile crow who doesn’t know fear befriends a tiger at a fishing hole. Together, they form an alliance. This young crow exhibits traits of youth: courage, boldness, vitality, and a yearn to explore. This is a free spirit who loves adventure. That was Gus in youth, but he’s been timid in his middle-age. This crow wants to cross over boundaries and live a free and exciting life with a friend. That definitely sounds like Gus.

The Three of Swords in the raven’s dream is a brutal scene. She sees herself impaled and her loved not mourning her loss, but rather siphoning from her remains. Even if it’s painful, clarity will come. However, many see this card as a warning of a dire loss, death, or end of a relationship. It’s also a card that reminds us all beings need to grieve and heal in their own time.

The Wheel of Fortune is a card indicative of the cycles of life. A fortuitous change will come and you should enjoy it while it lasts, because nothing does. Things end and begin constantly. When good fortune strikes you, remember the rule of karma or the threefold law.

black cat Gus standing over a card and the Urban Crow oracle deck

Our Interpretation:

Gus, Oliver, and I feel that the cards were telling a story specifically for Gus since he is the one most likely to be considered an explorer and curious adventurer. The omen of the Three of Swords is distressing to all of us. My news feed and social networks are filled with deaths of humans, pets, and wild animals. We dread the thought of a death close to home. I’m not sure Gus understands the message of the Wheel of Fortune. He’s generally a happy guy. Are we in our time of “good” fortune (relatively speaking since we have a house to live in, food, clothes, and working utilities)? Or will we finally an unexpected break financially to repair a lot of what’s broken and damaged around here like our mobile command unit’s severe water damage or finally replace the garden shed that was torn down decades ago? I think both Gus and Oliver appreciate their lives here as do I. If all of it gets stripped away, we will find methods of survival as the first card said.

Case Findings:

I wasn’t expecting Gus to have such an important conversation with The Morrigan, a triple goddess known for war and death. I’m glad he entrusted me to help with the cards and interpretation. We’ll consider this a warning message and stay on alert for big changes.

Case Status: Closed

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