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Winchester-Nabu Detective Agency Year Three: Case File No. 08-112

Winchester-Nabu Detective Agency Year Three: Case File No. 08-112


AMBER LOVE 08-JULY-2019 Catch up on Year One and previous Year Two cases at the Winchester-Nabu Detective Agency. We are in YEAR THREE!

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Where We Left Off:

We finally learned the fate of Joey Bag O’Peanuts and readers were introduced to Fiona Brightwing and Ida Ogg at the Fairy Garden.

The Lodger:

The Moretti Crime Family

It seems like as good a time as any to give a situation report on the Moretti crime family. Namely, Cheeks Moretti and his close associates. This year when the chipmunks emerged from hibernation, it was strange that there seemed to be so much change among the chipmunk mafia ranks. Joey Bag O’Peanuts turned state’s evidence and went into hiding. Sgt. Burrows comes around a lot, but due to the construction and renovations near his tank style bunker, he spends more time with Cheeks. Lil Chip Amunko doesn’t stop and have breakfast meetings with Oliver anymore. Probably because the back porch is a disaster during the house painting.

We spotted newcomers, but it hasn’t been easy getting pictures. The chipmunks have the power of the Speed Force so they are often out of frame by the time I’ve snapped a photo. I’ve managed to get some excellent shots of Cheeks Moretti when he’s at home.

The changes in the Moretti crime family have been an interesting discovery. First, there was Minnie Squirrel, who fooled me into thinking her visits were innocent lunches. Then there was Louie Eggs Consalvo, the blue jay who loves to gossip, stopping by to scavenge whatever leftovers Cheeks is kind enough to leave.

Since the fire next door, Sgt. Burrows has spent most of his time across the border there. With the dogs gone from the yard, there’s a lot more critter activity for Sgt. Burrows to track through the customs process that Moretti owns and controls. We may as well rename the private road Port Moretti.

I’ve been trying to figure out who the new fella is that is living with Moretti. Turns out, it’s a dame. She’s been well-connected her entire life. It’s Francis “Frankie the Prime Minister” Costello. Her ancestors go all the way back to the Genovese-Luciano crime families.

The Prime Minister is sneaky and smart. Through our observations, it’s obvious that this chipmunk has some skills with parkour and staying off the radar. We don’t see her often.

Celebrity Neighbors

Like human mobsters, the chipmunks have a way of socializing with celebrities and politicians. They like to grant favors so that they can people with a lot of influence under their control. This brings us to our two new celebrity chipmunks: Chipcent Donofrio and Munka Kelly. I witnessed Cheeks Moretti leaving his fortress and bouncing through the grass making rounds. First he stopped at the rhododendron. Then he heading all the way back towards the boulder near the edges of Bunny Hollow. There’s a maze network of roots and tunnels under all that overgrown shrubbery and Chipcent and Munka reside there.

Chipcent Donofrio collage
Chipcent Donofrio


Munka Kelly is far more aware of the paparazzo (me conducting surveillance) so she’s been far too quick for photos. I’ve watched Munka and Chipcent come out of their burrow and run in front of the first big rock then dip back into the roots and come out on top of the boulder where I have snacks for them.

Neighborhood Impact

So far, the neighborhood has been mostly at peace. There are warring bird families because it’s nesting season and babies are arriving. The robins, starlings, catbirds, and blue jays are mostly in the mix of it. The sparrows seem to enjoy the expansion of the Moretti organization. Maybe they’re involved too. Overall, less crimes have been reported. We’ve had more exciting wildlife observations due to the abundance of feeding stations and deliveries. The butler, Alfredo Pesosvalor, is responsible for making sure that’s stocked in our inventory. Then Gus and I make the deliveries.

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