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Winchester-Nabu Detective Agency Year Seven: Case File No. 32-344

illustration stock image of spooky eyes in the woods

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Where We Left Off:

While the previous case file had to do with a murder on The Boulevard Trail, Case File No. 32-244 is attached to Case File No. 29-341 about a Monster in the woods.

Even Weirder New Jersey:

I downloaded two weeks’ worth of footage from trailcam2 which is near the woods. That’s been the most activity spot for wildlife activity. It’s also where the camera captured footage of a monster in the woods. People have been speculating about whether it’s a creature or a mundane scientific activity of light bouncing from the eyes of the critter on camera all the way back to the treeline. I was about take the word of people who know more about the paranormal and scientific ways to research it until I scoured through this most recent set of videos and images (over 600 files).

What I found is that the infrared light does not always reflect and refract bouncing the appearance of glowing eyes back to the woods.

How would they explain this?

In the spirit of trying to follow the scientific method, I took the original video and some of the newer ones and made a new docu-short movie. You can see that sometimes there are glowing eyes in the woods, but it’s inconsistent. Why does this appear with only a couple of the raccoons but not all of them like the rabbit nor the fox?

Case Findings:

We’re seeking information from creature trackers and cryptozoologists and nature scientists to help solve this! Is this a case of Bigfoot family? Chupacabras hopping around? Jersey devils walking over rocks and branches?

Case Status: Open

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